Mairi Taylor

When Mairi created FABfitness over 6 years ago the focus was all about "the skinny jeans". It was all about looking good and exercise and diet where simply tools to "beat" your body into submission!

Over the last 6 years as Mairi has been my own personal guinea pig and experimented with many forms of exercise and diet she has come to realise that a healthy mind and healthy body are far more important than just how she looks and that being happy and healthy is a much more pleasurable place to be than skinny and miserable - constantly battling with her body and being totally anal about my food and exercise.

5 years ago she decided to study juice therapy as she had come to realise that a heavily plant based diet was key to my health and vitality, and juicing my veggies was a great way to get the volume of liquid nutrition that my body needed.

In August 2014 she became The Natural Juice Therapy for the Jason Vale aka Juice Master School of Natural Juice Therapy and now guides and mentors students across the world to become Natural Juice Therapists as well as hosting the Juice Academies for the School.

Mairi is learning how to work with her peri-menopause and it's now her mission to share this knowledge with other women in order to inspire and support them and to stop the mind-set that there is nothing that can be done.