3rd -6th June 2022

We are a feel-good festival, in every sense of the word.
For us, feel good is just as much about an icy gin & tonic
as it is a yoga class, because we're all about creating balance.


What is a retreat festival?

Our life experiences are met by our senses and by going away from your usual place of life, you get to fully embrace change and new people.

During a retreat your mind is at peace, you can focus on what really matters. You reconnect with yourself, you listen to your body and mind.

At a wellbeing festival you also reconnect with others, and often all of that is achieved by group activities and experiences. Be it outdoor activities, music , great food or arts and crafts. And the The Big Retreat Wales offers all of that.

Why are retreats important?

A retreat festival allows you to distance yourself from real life, get inspired, find your people, let go of stress and worries and get inspired.

You step aside, leave your day-to-day schedule and find time to embrace the world around you. No rush, no stress.

This is your chance to find yourself again, step on your feet, reconnect with everything around on a new level, and through that, come back to you old life inspired, refreshed… with a new frame of mind that can shake up your routine for the better.

What happens at The Big Retreat Wales?

Where do we start? Every year our wellness festival organises over 200 classes and workshops - from fitness and yoga to wild swimming and bushcraft, cookery demos to arts and crafts, gin workshops, live music and comedy. Also, all of the above is included in your ticket price. There is something for everyone at The Big Retreat Wales.