Tafell A Tân

Not just any Pizza!

Sit and enjoy a wood fired Pizza with Tafell A Tân . Literally meaning "slice and fire' our friends from Ceredigion are passionate about Pizza

Situated on the Castle Terrace near the Chill out zone Tafell A Tân is a mobile wood fired oven serving up tasty toppings on handmade dough.  They have a range of Pizzas for all tastes .. from the Margharita to goat's cheese to pepperoni and others -- see sample menu.   

Opening for Lunch on Friday (by noon) and running through to dinner.  Also here on Saturday --  lunch or dinner ... or a snack after a hard day's activity - whilst sipping on a beer listening to our evening entertainments.  A slice of paradise!

Jump over to @tafellatanpizza on FaceBook and follow the news there.

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