Belle Hotel

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Our super pop-up Hotel is run by our friends at

Bell Tents for 2020 go on Sale August 2019 

Setting up tent too much of a hassle?  Have it done for you! Book your Bell Tent and it’s options directly with them and they will sort it all out. Need an extra bed? No problem - Belle Hotel are flexible and will be here to meet you and check you in.  Simply turn up and your tent will be  set up for you -- and relax! 

Hot on the heels of a fantastic event in 2019, The Big Retreat Wales and Belle Hotel are looking forward to the 2020 event already!!!

The tents come bare OR furnished and with beds/airbeds for up to 3 people.

Come back in August 2019 for more Updates! 

Contact Sarah via the web , by email  or call on 07966 637307