Bushcraft & Outdoor

Fresh air gives you a fresh perspective on the world around you. At the Big Retreat Wales we’re all about loving the great outdoors, feeling good and finding relaxation in the simplest pleasures.

Many of our Big Retreaters definitely love going a bit wild. We’ve all had that survival fantasy when you end up on a desert island armed only with a penknife, a length of string and a tube of polos, of course. Well, at the Big Retreat you can finally prepare for the dream to come true!
We have classes where you’ll learn about fire making, shelter building, foraging, tree identification, axe and knife work (where you can carve your own handy tools and more!) Just bring your own polos…

But even desert islanders have down-time, so once you’ve nailed the survival thing, then relax and be inspired by your surroundings. Try some environmental art or earn some serious feel-good brownie points in our outdoor fitness and wellbeing classes.

For adventurous kids, there are nature walks, bug hunts and huge spaces to run free, go feral and explore the great outdoors .

Remember, all these activities are included with your ticket! (except the polos. Bring the polos.)