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Our Yoga classes were so popular last year.  You asked for more!   We have worked hard with the lovely Deepika Sall Saini (who runs Yoga Satsanga Ashram - a Yoga Centre on the Pembrokeshire Carmarthenshire border.)  Deepika and her husband, Yogachariya Jnandev, train teachers in classical Yoga.   Deepika is one of only 3  in the UK with the advanced 3000hours certificate in Gitananda Yoga and returns to India every year to teach on the yoga teacher training course at the highly regarded  International Centre for Yoga Education and Research (ICYER) -  one of the few still teaching in the authentic Guru Kula way of ancient India

 Deepika and her husband are  curating  TWO amazing Yoga spaces for The Big Retreat in 2019. Both are set in the Old Ferry Field - a 2 minute stroll from the Terrace.  

We caught up with Deepika and now share her update blog: 

"Getting our Yoga timetable organised is a great but fun challenge! We are all getting very excited now about the Big Retreat Wales and all the fantastic YOGA teachers that will be sharing and teaching their passions through different aspects of this ancient India practice we know and love today that has become hugely popular in the western world. Modern day living can be so over stimulating to our nervous system that we all need a bit of yoga (or more than a bit!) to keep some sanity! 
We are taking things 'up a level' this year at The Big Retreat by expanding into two yoga spaces which will be the Shiva Yoga Marquee for the more powerful charging up practices and styles and the Shakti Yoga Marquee for the more restorative, relaxing, releasing style of classes. 

We will be giving as much information as possible about the classes on the  timetable  - including which level the class will be suitable for (e.g. beginner/intermediate/ advanced) the style, the focus of the class and some bio about the teacher.

We have a great variety of teachers, styles and focus for their classes, from Hatha, to Power to Pranayama to Kirtan just to name a few.

My husband and I are together organising the yoga spaces from decor to timetable! I want to bring some authenticity to the event coming from very authentic roots ourselves we have spend untold  hours studying and practicing 'real' yoga which can seem quite far removed from the commercial image of yoga.

I thoroughly believe all 'styles' of yoga are very good for us, getting out there and moving your body is a big step in the right direction, but in truth this barely scratches the surface of what yoga really is.  We hope to give a little more insight into real yogic living doing our sessions and Jnandev will give a fascinating talk in the 'Talk Tent' on the roots of yoga. 

I will also be leading a session on one of the most important sequences in our Gitananda tradition called the Hathenas which specifically works on making our lungs fit to begin proper pranayama (control of our prana/energy though the breath) practices. Jnandev will also be leading some sessions on traditional surya namaskar sequences and some extensions of these. 
Yogachariya Jnandev has an immeasurable wealth of knowledge when it comes to Yoga, from its practices to the history, origins and the many yogic and hindu scriptures we have.  Jnandev has now published 7 books on different aspects of Yoga from asana to philosophy. We also understand very much about juggling family life :-) We are blessed wth three beautiful sons who really are three Divine souls bringing us challenges and joy in one bundle! As our own teacher Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani says 'May we all glow and grow through yoga' ".

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