Never too late to Tri !


Join Janette Cardy at this years festival

Janette will be presenting on all things triathlon. For all levels from aged 16 and above.

Janette Cardy has run her own fitness company for 20 years and always been super fit .

However, 8 years ago she suddenly lost alot of weight and suffered two serious strokes. This was caused due to having Graves Disease (thyroid).

On the back of this, Janette had to have her thyroid removed and is now on medication for life.

There were a few complications with the op and janette was left unable to speak.

She was told she might never work in fitness again, compete or talk again.

After 4 months of very intense speech therapy, against the odds, Janette was able to talk again but only very softly.

During this bleak time, Janette set some goals and took up a new sport!

She wanted to wear a GB vest.

So she set her mind on achieving this and in 2014 she won European Gold in Aquathlon and Silver at the World Champs in Canada. (Aquathlon is part of triathlon)

She also won sports woman of the year in Oxfordshire.
Janette now coaches triathlon in both the UK and overseas.

She helps people to find their own motivation and helps them to goal set to achieve all they truelly want in life.

Janette will coach a run session, run drills, warm up and cool downs. Also strength and conditioning session and a talk on all things tri related. A great chance to ask any question. And not feel intimidated or judged. A safe friendly environment to experience triathlon.

Janette Cardy Fitness

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