The Talk Tent Line Up 2019 (Powered by Shelf Help)

Our Talk Tent 2019 is being hosted and powered by the amazing Toni Jones founder of The Shelf Help Book Club
Authors and Speakers so far include:
Matt Johnson and Ben Bidwell (aka The Naked Professors)
Shahroo Izadi- Behavioural Change Specialist and author of The Kindness Method
Not Plant Based founded by Laura Dennison and is co-authored by Eve Simmons
Danielle Marchant - Life Coach and author of Pause
Dan Kennedy - Professional Photographer
Bex Band -  Eco Adventuring Project
Galloping Catastrophe -The Secret Life of a menopausal women
Hope Bastine - Mindfulness & Sleep Psychologist
Ritchie Bostock - Breathwork Expert
Anna Strzelecki - Plastic Free Pembrokeshire
Rebecca Storch - Eat Happy
Cor Collective - How To Hack Your Happy Hormones 

Meni Farkash - Tonic or Toxic - Ayurveda
Surender Sani - The history of Yoga
*Please note all are line ups are subject to change 


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