The Talk Tent Line Up 2019 (Powered by Shelf Help)

Our Talk Tent 2019 is being hosted and powered by journalist, producer and all- round-amazing Toni Jones founder of The Shelf Help Book Club
Authors and Speakers so far include:
Matt Johnson and Ben Bidwell (aka The Naked Professors)
Shahroo Izadi- Behavioural Change Specialist and author of The Kindness Method
Not Plant Based founded by Laura Dennison and is co-authored by Eve Simmons
Danielle Marchant - Life Coach and author of Pause
Dan Kennedy - Professional Photographer
Bex Band -  Eco Adventuring Project
Galloping Catastrophe -The Secret Life of a menopausal women
Hope Bastine - Mindfulness & Sleep Psychologist
Ritchie Bostock - Breathwork Expert
Anna Strzelecki - Plastic Free Pembrokeshire
Rebecca Storch - Eat Happy
Cor Collective - How To Hack Your Happy Hormones 

Meni Farkash - Tonic or Toxic - Ayurveda
Surender Sani - The history of Yoga
*Please note all are line ups are subject to change 


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