The Dirty Vegan is back for seconds...

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Matt Pritchard - aka The Dirty Vegan - will be back at The Big Retreat Wales in our Cookery and Talk Tent line up for 2020.
The chef, TV daredevil, ultra-athlete and presenter of the BBC’s first ever plant-based cooking show ‘Dirty Vegan’ is on a mission to prove how a vegan diet can make people fitter, stronger and healthier with his second book out now.
Returning to screens for a second season, Matt shows you just how easy and cheap it can be to go vegan and how the right nutrition can help you perform better in all aspects of life.
You can discover more than 80 brand new recipes in Matt's new book Another Bite for proper healthy vegan food. This time including chapters such as: Super Quick Midweek Meals, Comfort Food, Classics and Food with Legs (for when you need that extra bit of energy).

Matt said "From what I have seen on social media, a lot of people like the fact that I have changed from this head-banging lunatic to this health and fitness freak.

"But the beast is still there. He just needs to be released. But I try and keep that beast away from temptation.”

So head on down and let Matt show you how and why vegan food - like Mr Pritchard - is anything but boring. We can't wait to see you there!

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