The Mind Body Ninja - Meet Kim Ingleby




We are  so excited to announce that Kim Ingleby will be joining us at The Big Retreat this year,,,

Kim Ingleby is known by her clients as the Mind Body Ninja, a multi Award winning Coach with 20 years experience and founder of Energised Performance. Kim's true purpose is to help you embrace your fears and take action on your 'what if i could' thought. She blends years of professional training with mind, body & soul tools to help you connect to your true self, unlocking your full potential.

Kim will be joining our Mindset Panel with @thenakedprofessors, hosting a sunrise meditation and run strong session, and sharing her wild world marathon adventures, including Sierra Leone, Nepal and India. Kim has spoken at TEDx Bristol, written a best selling little book, 52 Ways to Feel Good and raised £85k for charities. She has represented Scotland 3 day event riding, Team GB age group triathlon, spent numerous times in hospital, dealt with chronic bullying and currently healing post weils viral encephalitis and trauma following suicide.

Kim's amazing clients include hundreds of everyday people from all walks of life around the World, Team GB athletes, Strictly Pro's, complex GP referrals, wild Adventurers, runners - anyone, including you, who wants to be brave, start to believe in themselves and live with passion and purpose. She is open, honest, funny and real, helping you find your inner spark to fully live, do come and share with her.

'Kim's positive energy, depth and breadth of knowledge relating to all things connected to physical and mental wellbeing and performance cannot be overstated. She's a formula one engineer for the human body and mind.' Martin Hartley, Extreme Adventure Photographer

" Kim is one of the most talented, experienced mind body coaches to enhance your performance in sport, yet also your happiness in life ..." Team GB Athlete

'Anyone looking to gain the edge in sport and life, Kim's for you.' Strictly Pro

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