Cookery Tent Line Up 2019

We are delighted to present another fabulous line-up of fabulous chefs to inspire you.

Join us beside the food court and get stuck into our fantastic range of food demos

Dirty Vegan - Matthew Pritchard

From Dirty Sanchez to Dirty Vegan — and now at The Big Retreat Wales!
We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Dirty Vegan- Matt Pritchard - will be at The Big Retreat Wales in our Cookery Line up. The chef, TV daredevil, ultra-athlete and presenter of the BBC’s first ever plant-based cooking show ‘Dirty Vegan’ is on a mission to prove how a vegan diet can make people fitter, stronger and healthier.
Matt said "From what I have seen on social media, a lot of people like the fact that I have changed from this head-banging lunatic to this health and fitness freak.
"But the beast is still there. He just needs to be released. But I try and keep that beast away from temptation.”
So head on down and let Matt show you how and why vegan food - like Mr Pritchard - is anything but boring. We can't wait to see you there!

TV Chef Lisa Fearn from The Pumpkin Patch Kitchen & Garden

The Pumpkin Patch kitchen and garden school, links the growing and cooking of our food, bringing a real understanding of where the food comes from. We grow most of our own fruit and veg in the numerous raised beds cared for by the 'Pumpkin Patchers' themselves.

Learning the basic skills of growing vegetables and cooking traditional wholesome food is a great start in life – one that is rarely passed on since families have become busier and the extended family are not always at hand to help.

As a qualified teacher, an enthusiastic cook, gardener and an experienced mother, I love the opportunity of being able to share these skills with willing and keen young cooks and gardeners!  Hopefully in years to come they too will find delight and relaxation, enjoyment and excitement in the kitchen and garden.

Author of ‘Blas / Taste’ will be showcasing some fantastic Welsh cookery


Natural Kitchen Adventures by Natural Kitchen Adventures by Ceri Jones

Ceri Jones, founder of Natural Kitchen Adventures is a natural chef, food writer and tutor who trained at the Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts in Berkeley, California.

Ceri is inspired by eating with the seasons and loves to champion local produce, believing that building your meals around a rainbow of vegetables is the simplest way to look after yourself. Ceri also believes you eat with your eyes so loves to create dishes that are vibrant and visually stunning, and of course, they have to be delicious.

Through Natural Kitchen Adventures Ceri shares her tips and tricks for eating in this way with everything from healthy mid-week suppers to innovative dishes which utilise root to stalk eating.

When she’s not creating new recipes for Natural Kitchen Adventures, or hosting her supper club ‘The Seasonal Suppers’, Ceri cooks for yoga and wellbeing retreats. She also leads a families and community focused food learning programme at The Garden Museum in London.

The Natural Kitchen Adventures app available for ios, was released in 2016, it contains 75 more healthful seasonal recipes.

Matt Powell Fishing & Foraging Wales - Welsh Bass Guide

 "My name is Matt Powell. I am a chef, forager and saltwater bass lure angling guide.

Fishing and foraging Wales and Welsh bass guide was created to bring all of my passions together. Bass lure angling, hunting for wild edibles and food.

I was born in Wales, but I spent many years working outside my beloved country working in the best culinary establishments I could. I moved back to Wales to create something unique and something that was culturally important to Wales for now and for the future.

For my food creations I only use produce from Wales. The biggest percentage comes from Pembrokeshire. The county I love, live and work in.

Fishing and foraging Wales & Welsh bass guide are simple concept's.

I want to bring the best experience that my skills and the Welsh coast can offer. An offering of the things I can share with other people, to try and express and put across a sense of feeling and of place."


Ridiculously Rich By Alana

Alana Spencer’s professional love affair with sweet treats began at the age of 14, when her Mum bought her a book about making chocolate. Alana became a self-taught chocolatier at only 16, renting her first kitchen and starting to sell her luxury chocolates to friends, family and teachers before quickly attracting the interest of two shops in Aberystwyth. The delicious chocolates became incredibly popular, and in 2010 Alana decided to leave school and pursue her entrepreneurial chocolate-loving dream. Initially calling her business Narna’s (after the nickname used by her little sister!), she started making tray-baked cakes alongside her chocolates and moved production to a purpose-built country kitchen in her parents’ back garden.

Staying true to her love for Belgian chocolate and luxury ingredients, Alana’s cakes impressed many independent delicatessens and she started selling her products in outlets across the United Kingdom. She refined her offering to six well-loved cakes (including her famous gooey chocolate brownie) and began travelling the country bringing her ridiculously tasty goodies to a large number of food festivals and shows. In 2016, Alana decided to take her business a step further and she applied to become a candidate on BBC One's The Apprentice, seeking a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar. Proving herself to be business-minded, adaptable and astute, Alana beat 17 other candidates to win a 50/50 partnership with the business heavyweight, coming up with the new brand name for her business during the dramatic season finale...and so ‘Ridiculously Rich by Alana’ was born!

Bug Farm Food

"We are chef Andy Holcroft and entomologist (insect scientist ) Dr Sarah Beyon as seen on BBC's 'The Bug Grub Couple'. Bug Farm foods is the culmination of a shared passion for innovation, science, the environment and delicious food. We have come together to develop a new generation of delicious food, insect-based foods that are good for you and good for the planet"


Jenny Tschiesche -gut expert and lunchbox doctor

Jenny Tschiesche is a best-selling author, nutritionist, recipe developer and presenter as well as the founder of Lunchbox Doctor - a source of straight-forward recipes and time-saving tips for parents wanting simple nutrition solutions to make their everyday lives a little bit easier. Jenny is the author of three books - Sheet Pan Cooking: 101 recipes for simple and nutritious meals straight from the oven,  Gut Health and Probiotics: The Science Behind The Hype, and The Modern Multi-Cooker Cookbook: 101 Recipes for your Instant Pot. She is currently writing book number four.


Jade Mellor - Wild Pickings

Join professional forager Jade Mellor of Wild Pickings.  Jade will be guiding a walks to collects wild foods from the beautiful hedgerows, woodlands and estuary

Jade’s philosophy is always to pick with care and sensitivity, leaving plenty to go to seed and for the birds and being careful not to damage the delicate environment in which wild foods grow.

Heading back to the Cookery tent to show you what delights you can make with what you have found


Co-Founder and drinks expert Diana Dredge

Join  festival Co-founder and drinks expert Diana Dredge for one of her famous gin tasting workshops! 🍸Take a whistle stop tour of the glories of this juniper gem - from its medicinal past, 'Dutch Courage' to the popular drink it is today. 

Diana spent over 20 years with a premium blue-chip drinks company, becoming global marketing manager for the firm..

With a wealth of experience and knowledge in the drinks sector, Diana takes you on a journey of all things gin - with many samples along the way, you're bound to discover a new favourite!  🙌💕

And all included in your ticket price!!


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