Eliza Allen - Strictly Fit

Strictly Dance Fit is a fun fitness class where simple dance moves are put to fantastic music.
Many styles of dance are covered; Ballroom and Latin as in Strictly Come Dancing but also an array of other dances from around the world.

Dance is increasingly being recognised as the best form of activity for mind, body and spirit, so much so that it is soon going to be available on doctor’s prescription!


No dance experience is necessary and all ages and abilities are catered for with easier or harder move options given.

The dances can be fast or slow but the emphasis is on increasing intensity by adding flair and artistry, focusing on low impact moves, making it suitable, and enjoyable for all levels of fitness.

Eliza has danced from an early age, learning ballet, tap and modern dance but more importantly, prancing round the sitting room to ballet music records and copying “Pans People” to Top of the Pops!  Took up Flamenco in her 20s and formed a small company with fellow students, performing small shows in Bristol, where she was living.

After years of pursuing other professions, Eliza began training to be a fitness instructor, adding further training on a regular basis. She is a qualified personal trainer and exercise referral practitioner, has taught Zumba, Aqua and Spinning amongst other things.

Trained with Natalie Lowe and Ian Waite from Strictly Come Dancing as one of the first Fitsteps instructors but has now developed a different style of class, with her own fabulous playlist and named it Strictly Dance Fit.

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