Charlotte Neill - RiKaShaKe®

Charlotte and her team will be teaching Rikashake classes at the festival this year.
RiKaShaKe® is our very first class we created.  It is a 30 minute workout on a rebounder (mini trampoline).  It is our most popular class around the UK.  You can burn anything up to 1000 Calories in just 30 minutes.
Personal Trainer and new Mum Charlotte Neill created Aspire Fitness in 2013 with the aim to provide a family friendly environment for people of all ages and abilities to exercise and achieve their health and fitness goals all while having fun.
At Aspire Fitness we believe that it is so important for every single person to be welcomed into our classes and to leave feeling full of energy and confident in their own ability.
We offer various classes in Pembrokeshire, specialising in RiKaShaKe®, RiKaFleX® and HIIT (All information and descriptions  regarding the classes we offer can be found in the Classes section)
From high intensity cardio to toning and strength, we’ve got you covered.

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