We Asked for Feedback...

We Asked for Feedback - And you gave it to us!

Thank you so much all who responded to our quest for Feedback.
We are taking it all on board for 2020 and getting very excited about next year's
Big Retreat Wales 
So here are some of our headliners....
91% of retreaters said they were ‘very likely’ or ‘likely’ to book the festival again or recommend the festival to a family member or friend. 
95% of retreaters rated their festival experience as ‘Good’, ‘Very Good’ or ‘Excellent’.
  1. You LOVE our Location - and we agree - the view is stunning - one of the best in the country. The guys on the CGI did a great job (only joking - how can we improve on nature?!)   Seriously, for 2020...  we will continue to improve the flow of the site .. We have already put mains electricity to the site (eliminating need for so many noisy/dirty  generators ) as well as fresh drinking water (avoiding the need for single use plastic bottles).  We love that you’ve love this and top up your bottles as you go from our on-site taps.
  1. You love our VIBE. That’s great - because we do too.  We think through our offering in great detail and we love that we are creating a wonderful community.  We are limiting our Tickets in 2020 and our cap is 3000 tickets. This is important - we love that you meet up and see friends from last year - make connections that go beyond the Festival and to maintain this we are committed to limiting our size.
  2. Bigger Tents!  Well - we doubled our yoga venues from 2018 and the classes were full in all tents. So YES - we have booked larger venues for YOGA and FITNESS as well as a NEW dedicated space for Adult Arts & Crafts  (16+) on the Feel Good Field .  We are having a separate space for the likes of gong baths and a separate reception tipi on the Feel Good Field. We are doubling the size of the Shelf Help Talk Tent too as you loved Toni Jones and her line up of extraordinary Talk Tent talent. And a big massive YES -  Dr Ahmed is coming back next year!!
  3. With Bigger Tents we are going to work really hard on our timetabling so that we can manage Noise - how can you meditate when you can hear Fitness kicking off big time with big poundy music?  We hear you.   It won’t be possible to exclude the noise seepage totally but we will do our up upmost to not schedule pounding rock work outs at the same time as meditation. 
  4. Getting to the Campsite.  You love the fact our campsite is so close to the Car Park (unlike many festivals) and that we have a free ‘helping hand’ in the guise of Uncle Thomas and his team to help you with your tents and bags up to the campsite.  However - at busy times, some of you felt you’d had to wait a long time so we are working hard to ensure we have more people to help with those trips up to the campsite at key arrival times.  Some of you asked to be able to drive onto the campsite. With so many people onsite we cannot do this under our Health & Safety guidelines so please observe the rules and we will work harder next year to ensure you all get the help you need when you need it. 
  1. We have more electric points for our Campervans - Book them quickly as once they’re gone , they’re gone! 
  2. Toilets and Showers. Our long term ambition is to build toilets and showers that are environmentally friendly &  easy to keep clean.  This will take time as we are in the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park where planning consent is well regulated - as is the research into it - not all eco toilet solutions are as eco as you might think.  In the meantime, the toilet company will be onsite the whole of next year’s festival to deal promptly with any breakdown and blockages of both the toilets and showers .. there will be  ‘toilet attendants’ on site throughout the day and night to ensure clean, tidy and toilet rolled loos at all times.  Ditto for the showers. Some of you loved them with one lady commenting it was the best festival shower she’d ever had. And we're not charging extra for Showers (unlike some festivals!)
  3. Food wasn’t it amazing! We have had such good feedback about our food vendors that we’re inviting them back next year (fingers crossed they can make it!).. We will be adding up to 4 more vendors too - some pasta, wood fired pizzas, some spicy, more vegan & breakfast options - and an all day cafe stuffed full of local treats.  You love our local Community Shop in the village (they said to say “Hi and Thank You” for your support .
  4. Booking classes  Yes - this caused some confusion in 2019.  We had pre-bookable spoon carving and bushcraft but all others were supposed to be ‘turn up and take part’ except that some places were reserved before the day, leaving some of you unable to participate. We don’t think that worked too well.  For 2020, We are going to look into at the booking system and see what we can do to improve this .. We are going to introduce some ‘master-class’ options in 2020 which will have a nominal charge (for materials) which will be limited in size and number which you will be able to book before the festival.  Over 95% of all our activities will remain Free. 
  1. Kids - Our Main Double Topped Marquee on the terrace next year will be the base for all our Family activities with a fantastic light bright very large area for - painting, art, pottery, puppet shows, cookery, family yoga and fitness etc. There will be more sports coaching available on our football pitch on the main campsite and a larger area for kids to run and just play ..We are also putting on more activities for the 11 - 16 year olds in this main marquee - more space - more fun! 
And Music.  You love our voices on the terrace through the day and the classical vibe on the Feel Good Field,  The toe-tapping, get-up-and-dance in the evening is a must. We agree  - so we are working on some really cool evening entertainment - it will be musical, it will be fun and we guarantee you’ll be laughing and dancing like no-ones watching! 
Thank you one and all for the Feedback - we couldn't do it without you.
With much love & gratitude, The Big Retreat Wales Team 

Here are some quotes from our Big Retreaters in 2020 

“A beautiful festival”
“Loved it”
“The Big Retreat is a little gem of a festival”
“Loved the vibe”
“Thank you for a fantastic weekend”
“THANK YOU for an amazing weekend”
“Great experience”
“It’s my escape weekend to reset being a good Mum and connecting with my girlfriends and I will book every year”
“It’s an awesome affordable, inspiring festival”
“We loved it”
“Classes were fabulous.  Instructors top notch”
“Great family experience”
“It’s a wonderful festival”
“The site, the programme and the vibe were all just fantastic”
“Felt energised”
“Amazing setting and atmosphere”

 Over 50% of our tickets for 2020 have already been sold!! 

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