The Versability Shop

We're a collective of wordsmiths. Invited to the first Big Retreat Wales we created a pop-up shop where visitors left us cards and we created versified stories as gifts. People liked it so much they asked when the next one was. So we thought, "what if...?"

Since then we've appeared at more festivals, written hundreds of unique verses, and earned lots of smiles, a few tears, and a fair few hugs. So we thought, 'what next..?'

More poems at next years Big Retreat


The Pantheon Theatre

Anthony alongside The Versability Shop with staging the Pantheon Playhouse a Youth Theatre for 12-18yrs at this year's Big Retreat 
Please email if you would like to sign your kids up to the Pantheon Playhouse Workshops
The Pantheon Playhouse will meet for 11/2 hours each day of the festival with a final performance on the Sunday Evening ..
There will also be "The Pantheon Playhouse" tent where 12-18yrs can hangout practice and chill out throughout the weekend 



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