Spoon carving workshop

Join Vic Phillips at The Big Retreat Wales

Spoon carving is a creative and meditative pastime that connects us to a process decades in the making. As a seed has grown into a sapling and then into a tree, by carving something new wood is able to continue it’s story in your hands. The ultimate recycling project, taking something and creating something that you can use over and over with the satisfaction of knowing you yourself have made it.

Vic’s spoon carving workshop will introduce you to the techniques involved in carving wood with a Sloyd (Swedish for craft) knife. Beginning with a roughed out spoon ‘blank’ you will learn the cutting strokes used for carving and together we will carve your first wooden spoon, taking in the tools used in carving and how to safely and effectively start your carving journey.

We’ll discuss the benefits and methods associated with ‘green’ and ‘seasoned’ wood carving as well as how different woods take to being carved and moving on to the methods to finely finish and prepare your very own handmade spoon for use.

Over the course of the weekend you will also have the opportunity to return and refine your work or begin a fresh project under Vic’s guidance.

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