Unleash Your Wild Wisdom - with Nicole Olsthoorn

Friday 1.15pm Zen Zone

I am inviting all women who have invested in themselves for YEARS and who are still struggling...

"When the Student is ready - the Master appears" Anonymous

Hi, I am Nicole. I am here to invite you to change perspective from struggle to peace & prosperity.

Are you ready?

The reason no one was able to help me was because I was not ready. I thought I was. Gosh, I thought I was born ready.But it just did not happen.I kept going around in circles. Juggling the same balls over and over again.

So if you recognise this I hate to break it to you, but you were not ready either.
I know it is probably not what you want to hear. But think about it:

How comfortable are you showing your full self to other people? All your thoughts and emotions? All your ideas and feelings? All the wisdom and truth you have inside of you?

Do you allow anger, frustration, jealousy or any other emotion to come out fully?
No matter where you are or what you are doing?

Are you capable of fully surrendering and loosing yourself to the excitement, pleasure and joy of life? Without feeling ashamed of your body or your presence?

Do you stand up and speak your truth?  Always?

My guess is you are not always and fully.  And that is OKAY.

Join Nicole at 1pm Friday 26th May in the Classroom on the Terrace (the Zen Zone) to Unleash Your Wild Wisdom

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