The Versability Shop

A Shop Like No Other

If you haven't heard Al Brunker's Ode to the Big Retreat Wales here

Make time to come and spend a minute or two at this  most unusual shop.  Al Brunker and Tunde Olatunji  don't sell anything at all, and the cost to you is no more than a little bit of time and a few words. You leave their shop with something that can be shared with as many people as you like and each time you share it, your gift becomes more valuable...

Stories are what they offer, but not just theirs. Your stories as well. Here is how The Versability Shop works

  •  You bring an object or an idea, or simply some words.
  •  Al and Tunde  convert what you have given to them into a short bit of verse or    story
  •  They  tell you, one time only, the story they have made for you
  •  You go away with the story and share it with as many people as you like.


  •   You tell Al & Tunde a story 
  •   They versify your story (through an ancient and very powerful process)
  •   They tell you your versified story 
  •    You can now take away a spanking new versified story to share with family and friends.

AND PLEASE - take part in the  Drop by service: visitors to The Big Retreat Wales can drop by and fill out a post card with words capturing their impressions and feelings about the weekend.  At the end of the festival the management of the Versability Shop will perform verse(s) created from the postcards.  Time - Sunday Night, 6pm, before the Bands Start!

Find the Versability Shop in The Zen Zone - classroom on the Terrace!


FRIDAY                                        4.00 – 5.30pm 
SATURDAY          9.30 – 11am & 4.00 – 4.30pm 
SUNDAY              9.30 – 11am & 4.30 – 5.30pm 

Orders and collection: verses ordered in the morning will be available in the afternoon. Orders made during the afternoon will be ready for collection the following day.

Children:  We'd like this to be for the grown-ups as the children will have their own schedule of activities and story times so they it will be  at the discretion of the management that children might be admitted. If so, in store events and opening hours might vary.   

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