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Street Food Comes Home

If you're vegan or vegetarian -- make sure to stock up here.  And if you've not explored vegan food and wanted to try -- there is no better place to start.  

Lisa Rees started  Veggie Deli back in 2014 after failing to find veggie and healthy foods out and about at  events.

Lisa started making a range of burgers and sausages and went on the create a range of Glamorgan Sausages which are  now distributed on a small scale and sold at events and markets throughout the year.

At events, Veggie Deli  always has a range of pre-packed sausages, pasties and sausage rolls. A lot of what Lisa  produces is seasonal - a lot of healthy salads, pesto & houmous

Veggie Deli also make a range of bakes, which are all made using unrefined sugar and some vegan. 

 Eat with Lisa or take goodies back to the Campfire -- and be sure to stock up before you head home!  

Veggie Deli will be on site from Saturday lunchtime 27th May to Monday lunchtime 29th May.  

Join Lisa for an inspiring cookery demonstration on Sunday 28th May in the Chill Out zone -- check our timetable - released in May - for details 

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