And Relax...

After all that stretching or kayaking or 'hammock-ing', treat yourself to a reviving therapy in our Massage Station. Set in a Marquee in the Yoga Field, these therapies are designed to make you feel pampered, relaxed and generally pretty darn good!  These are additional to the Ticket price - but very worth it! Details & prices  below for Tracy Feetham, arōmaTOUCH , The Nutrition Detectives and Rebecca Makepeace-Brown   In addition to those listed below - we will have other therapists in attendance - simply come to the Yoga Field, introduce yourselves and indulge in a treat!  Book in advance via the Contacts below:

1) Narberth based Tracy Feetham . Tracy is a Member of The Federation Of Holistic Therapists  Member of Professional Reflexology and Member of the Complementary Therapists association  

*Jennifer Young Balanced Body & Mind - 75 mins £40
This amazing treatment considers the chakras and uses essential oils and crystals to bring balance and harmony to the client 

*Reiki - Approx 60 minutes including consultation £30
Reiki is deeply relaxing and has a profoundly calming effect.

*Indian head massage - 30 minutes £25
Indian head massage is especially good for relieving stress, tension, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraine and sinusitis. Clients report that the experience is deeply calming and relaxing, leaving them feeling energised and revitalised and better able to concentrate.

*Full body Massage - 60 minutes £35
A customized massage specifically created to energize the body, relieve tension and soothe aching muscles. This Swedish style massage allows the therapist to slowly release tension in problem prone areas of the body including the neck, shoulders and back. A truly unwinding anti-stress experience that reawakens and harmonizes the body and spirit.

*Back, neck & shoulder massage - 30 minutes £25  
Tracy will be using the Defiant Beauty & Beyond Beauty range of products in the treatments. 

Call Tracy on 07971 393714 or email

2) Discover dōTERRA  As well as hosting talks and Workshops in the Chill Out Zone, dōTERRA  are offering  arōmaTOUCH - a delicious oil experience to bring your body back into harmony and balance.

Designed by Dr Hill arōmaTOUCH brings the healing power of touch and beautiful essential oils to balance, revitalise and support your body and mind this is the perfect retreat experience.
Friday      14:00 arōmaTOUCH  
                16:00 arōmaTOUCH 
Saturday  10:00 arōmaTOUCH 
                12:00  arōmaTOUCH          
Sunday    10:00 arōmaTOUCH 
                13:00 arōmaTOUCH
arōmaTOUCH experiences are £40:00 payable in advance. Please bring a Towel and a Sheet with you to your arōmaTOUCH session
To book any treatments with Mairi please email or call 07889255702
3) The Nutrition Detectives  Following their talk in the TalkTent Saturday 26th May 11.00 - 12pm - - book a personal consultation with the Nutrition Detectives from 12.30 in the Therapy Area. This is a one-to one session and will  include checking detox functions and food intolerances and tailored to the individual. Cost £15.00 per person.
 Book Direct with Lise at The Nutrition Detectives : 
M: 07811 074068
T: 01437 767499
When you book, you'll be asked to complete a form to give the Nutrition Detectives an overview of your health picture before testing.
4) Rebecca Makepeace-Brown of Equilibrium Therapies looks forward to returning to The Big Retreat Wales, offering tailored Therapeutic Massage using her unique combination of sensitivity and knowledge to identify, treat and release the roots of deep tension leaving you feeling balanced, lifted, relaxed and moving freely.
Therapeutic Massage -     60 minutes £35
Reflexology -                     60 minutes £35
To Book Phone 01437 562 104 / 07 477 603307