The Bean

Wake up and Smell the Coffee (or Tea)!

Aaah... what better way to start the day than a freshly prepared coffee from the finest Arabica bean.  Meet Carl -- passionate  about The Bean!  

The Bean is a mobile espresso bar, situated on the Old Castle Terrace from Friday 26th May to Monday 29th May -- for all your hot-drink needs.

Kitted out with a full size espresso machine and grinder to serve the freshest blend of 100% Arabica coffee, this mobile barista service provides a whole range of coffees, as well as a variety of teas, delicious hot chocolates and the option to customise your drink with a selection of flavoured syrups.

As well as hot drinks, The Bean always has a selection of cold drinks, flap jacks, biscuits and cookies –perfect accompaniments for your coffee drinking experience.

The Bean’s mission is simple – simply bring you amazing coffee.

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