Platform 1

Platform 1 - arriving at The Big Retreat Wales!

Platform 1 are Will, Josh and Martha. Josh and Martha started four years ago when Martha was 12.

Josh started playing guitar when he was 12 and as Martha developed an interest in guitar and songwriting, they decided to collaborate. Martha generally writes the lyrics and acoustic accompaniment and Josh write the rhythm and lead guitar parts. It is difficult to define their music but modern melodic folk with some electric and bass thrown in sums it up!

They are based in south west Wales and often perform in Welsh. They had been playing together for just over 3 years when Will joined. Their musical influences are all quite different, with Martha's being pop and indie music and Josh and Will’s being metal and rock. Martha's lyrics are written about her day to day life but more recently the three of them have been writing together and different themes are emerging. 

They are adding drums and bass to their tracks giving them a much more rounded upbeat sound. They have played a variety of gigs both locally and elsewhere such as Bristol and places around Gloucestershire. They all love to perform live and always enjoy themselves. They like smaller, more intimate gigs as it allows them to tell the story behind their songs.

As well as writing and performing their own music they enjoy recording. They have some semi-professional recording equipment as studio time is expensive which means they can now record all of our songs from home. Recording has also allowed them to be a lot more creative musically and has driven them to write better, more interesting music.

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