Men's Yoga

Really? Just for men? Sunday 2.00pm Yoga Dome 

Yes. By request - and we think it's a great idea. Yoga is great for all - whether you are a man into sport - football, rugby, golf  or if sport is just not your thing -  yoga is so beneficial to overall health and wellbeing that we would encourage you all to try a session.  

It seems that some men think of yoga as the domain of 'ladies in lycra' and are a bit 'put off'. We thought we'd remedy that by having "Men Only" yoga class run by a man. If you know a bloke that you would like to encourage to explore the benefits of yoga & haven't yet been able to persuade him .. tell him about this class and encourage him to come.  

And if you are a bloke who has discovered yoga already - please come along and encourage others to come with you!   

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