Legendary Lawrenny

There are so many legends, some little known, tied to this secret waterway and the communities that sit along its winding upper reaches. 

Our festival site overlooks a magnificent stretch of the river. It’s not hard to imagine the constant tide of historic figures that have bobbed past here, from Neolithic hunters on animal hide canoes, to Romans, Vikings, Normans, even future kings maybe. It’s unusual to be able to pinpoint with such absolute certainty, the exact path humanity has followed for millennia. 

Sitting on the Old Castle Terrace, a brew in hand, is a pretty special place from which to contemplate your place in the great Order of Things.

Join us for a series of talks about this site.. the Castle that used to stand here, what happened here in WW II ... and even the legend of the Lawrenny Ogre...

Look our for our talks on the Timetable  - coming in May 2017

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