Healer & Earth Vibration Therapist

If you have an inquisitive spirit - this is for you!

Tom Lawless, Healer and Earth Vibration therapist is joining us at The Big Retreat Wales from his base in the foothills of the Pyrenees in France. Tom has over 20 years experience of working with energies and has developed a technique of healing and earth energy work which has a very human aspect that brings us back to our natural surroundings in a modern world. We are thrilled that Tom will be running workshops at The Big Retreat Wales on Dowsing the energy 'Ley it on the Line' as well as Aura Workshops.   Alongside that, Tom will be installing conscious walkways, bringing the magic of wellbeing into connection with natures and the wonders of  Sacred Geometry.  As Tom would say "Everyone can feel these energies, it's just a case of 'having a go'" And we would encourage all of you to be curious - try it for yourself  and  find out more!  Look for Tom's workshops in our Timetable - release in early May and check out his site here..


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