The BelleHotel

Belle Hotel was ‘built’ in the summer of 2014. After managing a festival glamping site for several years, working with a luxury camping provider from way down south and generally loving camping and hospitality, this was a logical new move and a way of balancing the indoor vs outdoor work time! Being based in Cumbria and having the Lake District on the doorstep, the location is perfect for camping at weddings where guests would enjoy the scenery more and feel that they've been part of the landscape!

There are a couple of ethos points to tell you about as well;

We buy British and use locally sourced products wherever possible. This is to support our economy both locally and nationally and makes business sense in that my business will support those of my customers.

We love customers! Without you, we wouldn’t have a business. We will deliver what we have promised and we hope that you have a great time staying with us.

We also love kids! They are very welcome to stay with us. We love knowing that your kids will have this great experience of the outdoors and hope that it remains with them so that they too grow up to love camping, fields, nature and fresh air!