Plastics Policy

The Big Retreat Wales is committed to being as environmentally sustainable  as possible – it’s part of who we are - we believe in the positivity of nature as a force for good in all our lives and we want to design out waste in our Festival.  

We are set in the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park - on our walks and trips to the beaches and foreshores, we see first hand what happens to rubbish - a lot washes back up on beaches - bought by tidal current yes - but we all have a responsibility to not create waste in the first place. And when we do - being knowledgeable on the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of it’s disposal.

We are on a journey with The Big Retreat Wales…. in 2017 we were very mindful of our waste, rubbish  and disposal - but we felt that wasn't good enough. 

Like many of our guests, our eyes were opened by David Attenborough “Blue Planet” series - and we are more determined than ever to eradicate disposable plastics, recycle and re-use and find more ways than ever to leave no impact on our environment. 

For 2018  - we are aware of the problems of Plastics but we don’t have all the answers yet. 

We are challenging ourselves  over the next 5 years of Festival Planning with the goal of designing out rubbish and limiting our carbon footprint by 2022. Plastics are all around us - from cable ties for our marquees, the very fabrics that keep us dry and in some of the most unexpected places. We know that ‘cutting out plastics’ is not realistic at the moment.  But what we can do to eliminate and re-use - we will. 

Environmental Mission

Eliminate single use plastics
Recycle a minimum of 75% of rubbish
Supply fresh tap water to site 
Reuse  - Cups & Water Bottles
Work with traders & Food vendors to support our mission
Education and Awareness
Measure our performances in 2018 

In 2018, we are committed to the following: 

Help Us
Please put your waste in the right bins provided around the site 
Please bring or buy a refillable water bottle and use our taps.
Bring a reusable mug (stainless steel or non-breakable) for your coffee/hot drinks
Give us your ideas on how to make even less impact in 2019!