Main Stage

The Main Stage is where our Big Retreaters head for top evening entertainment after a busy day. Set on the terrace with its panoramic views of the great Cleddau River and the National Park, the area is backed by all the Street Food and drinks sellers in the Rose Garden.

There are comfy deck chairs, picnic benches and plenty of spaces to spread out and listen to live music running throughout the day. It’s a favourite destination for Big Retreaters to have lunch, dinner and tasty snacks in-between.

Our non-stop line up also included interactive kids’ theatre shows, beautiful choirs and some rousing prose and poetry performances.

Some of this year’s music highlights included Rusty Shackle, Matthew Frederick, Sock, HMS Morris. Rosie Cale, Dan Bettridge, Bare Foot Dance of The Sea, Madi, Skybarkers, Alaias, I See Rivers, Febeuder and LaFrome
At the Big Retreat Wales there’s something for everyone’s music taste and you’ll be sure to find something new to love!