Fitness & Wellbeing

What makes the Big Retreat so special is the fusion of those things that make us feel good. Fitness and Wellbeing are right at the heart of this, naturally!

There’s a packed schedule with over 200 classes and workshops to choose from, the best thing of all? It’s all included in your ticket price!

In 2018, our Big Retreaters showed some pretty impressive levels of motivation.  the classes and workshops were so popular we’re going to build bigger tents and double up on wellbeing areas for 2019

Our fitness classes for 2019 will include: HIIT, Zumba, Pound, Pink Belt Kickboxing, Fitsteps, Clubbercise, Plogging, 5K Runs, Boot Camp, Circuit Training, Kettlebells, DanceSing, LIIT, Hula Fitness, Fitness Pilates, BollyX, Strengthen and Stretch, Piyo, Ballet Boot Camp, World Dance Fitness, Showgirls, Combat, 1DR, Bounce Dance Fit 
Our Wellbeing and Yoga classes will include: Advanced suriya namaskar
Hathenas breath enhancing hatha yoga with pranayama, Acro Yoga, Kirtan, Familyfun, Dynamic flow, Tri Devi Kirtan, Mindful flow, Pranic awakening
Explore the pause in the physical, Mindful moments for families (5 +yrs)
Hatha yoga through the chakras, Classical Pranayamas, Gentle wake up yoga
Yin yoga and yoga nidra, Heart based hatha yoga, Bhajan singing – bhakti yoga
Synchronizing breath to movement, Mindful moments for parents
Hatha yoga through the chakras, The Way of Freedom, The Way of you
Balancing the Earth Element, Somatics, Breathwork, Meditation, Pilates
A full timetable with a description of each class, level and duration will be available  closer to the festival