Campsite Rules

OK - No one likes Rules - but these are for Health and Safety and for everyone's benefit we ask you to please respect them 

1. Camping and Glamping is strictly subject to the purchase of a Weekend ticket. All day ticket holders are forbidden to camp at the Event and anyone found camping without a camping ticket will be removed from the Event and the campsite.

2. On Arrival at the Campsite - Please look out for the signs for the Designated areas & pitch at the Appropriate spot. 

3. Campers should pitch tents as directed by the Event Stewards in designated camping areas only and stay out of fire lanes and other working areas. Please respect your neighbours - leave a distance 

4. You should bring a tent that is sized for the amount of occupants. We reserve the right to refuse to allow any structures which are too large or which we believe may cause a health and safety risk.Don't bring the Pub Marquee...

5. We will not be liable for any failure to provide any advertised facilities within the camping area.
6. All items are brought and left at your own risk.


8. You are allowed to bring your own supply of food into the campsite for personal consumption only. Please don't bring it into the Main Festival site - ditto Alcoholic Drinks. We ask that you support our vendors on the Festival site whose prices really are reasonable. 

9. You are permitted to cook solely within the campsite using either gas camping stoves, using canisters of no more than 450g. or a legged BBQ. Strictly no fires on the grass areas.

10. You are permitted to bring alcohol for your own consumption. Strictly no re-sale. The Event Official will have the right to determine the levels of alcohol that constitute a ‘reasonable amount’ for personal consumption. Any alcohol above a ‘reasonable amount’ will be confiscated by the Event Official (and they’ll probably drink it… in front of you) PLEASE DO NOT BRING OWN ALCOHOL ON TO THE MAIN FESTIVAL SITE. 

And finally -  You must take everything home with you and leave no trace....   clear up rubbish, recycle what you can. Pack up  your tent check that all litter has been removed. Do we really need to ask?

You will be asked to sign our Terms & Conditions at Reception  - Please read them all  here