Mindful Communication. Subtitle: The art of honesty and connection.

The workshop will be an exploration of communication integrating the wisdom and insights of Mindfulness. The model Jayaraja shares facilitates a greater possibility of connection, understanding and honesty. Jayaraja’s style tends to be experiential, immediate, direct, empathic and playful. We will explore the nature of empathy, and how to speak and listen from the heart. The skills will be applicable with your family and loved ones, strangers and in the workplace.


Jayaraja has been sharing communication skills for around 20 years, he has been a practicing Buddhist and meditation teacher for 30 years. He has a diploma in Gestalt psychotherapy, is keenly interest interpersonal neurobiology, attending workshops and conferences with Dan SiegelJ amongst others. He trained over a number of years with Marshall Rosenberg in Non-violent Communication. He is also a co-author of the Yellow book of Games and Energizers and "Live" life skills for teens. (This is currently only published in French, Flemish and Russian).