Tom Watson Joins TBRW 2020 Line up

In Downsizing Tom Watson shares his honest, very frank and inspiring account of how he radically changed the way he ate, lost eight stone and reversed his type 2 diabetes. 
Tom Watson began to put on weight in his early twenties, while studying at the University of Hull. He continued to pile on the pounds when he entered the world of politics as an MP, despite short-lived flirtations with fad diets and fitness classes. 
After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in late 2015, he decided to take control of his diet and exercise. He started to feel better quickly and within a short time his long-term blood sugar levels were within normal range. By July 2018, he had come off diabetes medication and had climbed Mount Snowdon. 
Downsizing charts his journey, with all its ups and downs, and how he turned his life around.
 ‘There is a tendency in these polarised times to believe everything, or to believe nothing. These pages are an account of what worked for me on the journey to losing 100lb (45 kilos), reducing my blood pressure and reversing my type 2 diabetes. I began 2018 several stones heavier, and I left the year feeling so much lighter, in so many ways.’ Tom Watson
On the one hand, Downsizing is a polemic on how global sugar is wrecking our society, and is a call to arms for a Remission for All movement. On the other hand, it is the shared insight of a middle-aged fat bloke nicknamed Tommy Two Dinners who lost 100 pounds in a year, who found the will to exercise and who rediscovered his health and happiness. And who still eats bacon and eggs for breakfast.’ Tom Watson
 Following his own radical weight loss, and his burgeoning interest in the food systems that fuel obesity in the UK, Tom Watson set up an independent commission that is looking at how government can tackle obesity and stem the rise in type 2 diabetes.

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