Ben Bidwell

Super excited to announce Ben Bidwell aka The Naked Professor will be joining us at The Big Retreat in May and curating our new "Men's Tent" 

"The Big retreat is exactly my kind of place so its an honour to be involved in 2020. For me, life is about balance, whilst I can't wait to boogie into the night to live music, I also can't wait to hear inspiring speakers and experience yoga and fitness out in nature. All of my favourite things under one roof, well in one big field! "

Ben is a life coach, speaker and writer who aims to inspire his audience to become their most authentic selves and achieve their deepest potential.

Through his blog, @thenakedprofessor, he beautifully articulates the importance of mental health and personal development in a unique and captivating way. Here he strips away the masks of masculinity and embraces his authentic self. His message is hugely empowering and inspiring, in his words, “by embracing your vulnerabilities, no one can hold them against you”.

His writing has seen him published by The Independent Newspaper and he has eloquently shared his message on Sky News and ITV’s This Morning, in doing so he is leading a revolution inviting men to open up around their emotions and vulnerabilities.

Together with Matt Johnson, Ben is one half of the upcoming podcast show “TheNakedProfessors” that opens up conversations about mental health in a vulnerable but relatable way.



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