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Tanya with be joining us in The Talk Tent 


Tanya is an award-winning digital entrepreneur, tech ethicist and author, who has spent her entire career focused on the interaction between people and technology. For 20+ years she was the founder and owner of one of the UK’s first digital marketing agencies, now she is a digital consultant to brands and schools, founder of the digital detox movement Time To Log Off and author of ‘OFF‘.


Tanya has won several awards in her career in digital marketing. In 2014 she was a finalist in the Media category in the ‘First Women’ Awards and was selected by the ‘Women of the Year’ Council to attend their Diamond Jubilee lunch. In 2008 she was a finalist in the Blackberry ‘Outstanding Women in Technology‘ Awards and in 2007 a London finalist for the Ernst & Young ‘Entrepreneur of the Year‘ – and also a semi-finalist in 2009.


Tanya can genuinely claim to be one of the earliest digital pioneers. She launched her digital business just two years after Tim Berners-Lee made the World Wide Web software public; was optimising for search engines three years before Google launched and marketing through social media two years before Facebook was a global platform.



Digital Detox Author: Tanya Goodin

Tanya is the author of ‘OFF’ and ‘Stop Staring at Screens’


Tanya is an experienced public speaker on entrepreneurship, digital detox and life/work balance. She also undertakes speaking engagements on her twin specialisms of internet addiction and screen time and children. Since 2012 she has been regularly speaking to primary and secondary-level pupils and parents in schools.


In 2014 Tanya launched Time To Log Off, a digital detox movement for individuals and corporates, providing resources, retreats and research to help the screen-dependent learn to unplug.


Tanya has written two books on our relationship with technology. In 2017 her book OFF‘ was published by Octopus Books in the UK and Abrams Books in the US and is now translated into seven languages. Tanya’s second book ‘Stop Staring at Screens!‘ was published in the UK and US in 2018.

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