'Galloping Catastrophe' (aka Jennifer Kennedy)

Today - World Menopause Day - seems the perfect opportunity to announce 'Galloping Catastrophe' (aka Jennifer Kennedy), blogger on all things menopause, will be joining us at the Big Retreat next May.
So what am I looking forward to in the Big Retreat.... Being in a Bell Tent!  I have never been in a Bell Tent and am most excited about that. Though I hope there is a magnifying mirror for my chin hairs.  And a fan for the hot flushes.   And I am looking forward to the gin and rum. Especially the rum.   I adore live music though menopausal exhaustion means I will probably partake in the afternoon sessions more than the late night ones... but who knows the HRT might have kicked in my then and I can boogie the night away.  The speakers sound inspiring and in particular I am looking forward to meeting Tony Jones and finding out more about her Shelf Help Club - and ideally finding something that can eliminate the brainfog that today had me hunting for my phone while simultaneously speaking on it.   In fact there is no place I'd rather be on 24-27th May than the Big Retreat!  Can't wait to meet you all there.
Jennifer Kennedy writes a Facebook blog on her menopausal exploits and so far has  30K followers all laughing til the tears run down their legs!   You can find it here.
 Her main audience is menopausal women however she has a significant number of daughters/sisters/husbands all reading along and starting to understand the effects that the menopause can have.  She writes in with humour and is very relatable.  She has been on Radio Cork talking about one of her posts on slimming and has written for Henpicked and This Girl is on Fire (on line magazines for women).  She has also interviewed Andrea McLean on her book ‘Confessions of a Menopausal Women’ and Jane Lewis on her book 'Me and my Menpausal Vagina– the interviews can be found on her Facebook page.  She has compered a menopausal event at a Financial Services organisation.  
She is also on Twitter - you can follow her @gallopingcatast
She lives in Scotland with her partner and two sweet Springer Spaniels,
Her interests include a nice Jack Daniels and coke of an evening; regretting the days that she was a size 12 and thought she was fat instead of walking up and down Sauchihall Street in a bikini; trying various diets to get back to that nirvana; obsessing over menopausal celebrities and wondering just how they manage to look that amazing and string full sentences together without forgetting the words.

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