Cor Collective - Dating Empowerment Workshop

Naomi and Helena are freelance consultants in PR and the public and third sector respectively, and Alice is an actress and trained voice coach.

Each of us has experienced our own public speaking nightmare… Naomi once cried giving a presentation to two people at Uni. Helena lost her composure in the middle of an interview. Alice forgot her lines in a one-woman show.

Having those experiences could have made us lose confidence and faith in our abilities.

Instead, we identified what was holding us back in these scenarios - fear and our negative internal narratives. And we recognised that is the case for millions of others. 

So, we have spent the past few years developing our public speaking survival guide. Now, we want to share with you our stories of how we learnt to manage our anxieties, and even enjoy public speaking.

Most importantly, we want to demonstrate that you can do this, too.

We are not proposing to be slick and seasoned motivational speakers.

We are three young women who are hugely passionate about building confidence in others. And, most importantly, we find this fun!

“You have a really authentic rapport - the combination of you guys and your different backgrounds provides variety and really holds the attention of the participants."

“You are all very passionate about what you do and it shines through”.

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