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Healer - Dowser - Teacher - Writer - Public Speaker
The  awesome Tom Lawless is at The Big Retreat 2019

Over the past 30 years Tom has been exploring the world of the Universal Energies. Starting at the age of 17 with Healing, Dowsing and Tarot. 

At the age of 21 after an accident he under went a near death experience which open the rest of the senses that each of us have. Seeing auras of all types, Human, Vegetal and Mineral started him on a journey of discovery that would last 10 years in which time he had moved to france and worked within the Organic Supply chain.

After accumulating understanding in a multitude of areas from Healing Dowsing, Astrophysics, Ancient cultures, Human development just to mention a few gradually joining the dots together.

In 2004 he started his in what is now his profession as a professional Healer and Earth Energy Investigator.

In 2008 he started his first workshops and school of healing where he has formed countless therapists to open up their chosen art in many sectors of human well-being.

2012 “Diapason” healing centre was created in the foothills of the Pyrenees where he has been living for the past 21 years. This was soon to be followed by a second centre in which all known therapies are practiced in harmony with each other.
Over the past 2 years Tom has turned his attention to writing with his first free Ebook available on Apple books, Kindle and various websites.

Tom has a very unique view on the energies that create us and all around us. A way of explaining and teaching that can be very profound and accessible to all that chooses to approach the subjects he masters in.

Catch up with Tom at his Activities at The Big Retreat Wales 2019

Who Else is in the Talk Tent?

**Dowsing the Universal Vibrations**

These dowsing workshops in the morning from 10:30 until 12:00 on Saturday and Monday.
People will get the first experience in feeling the universal vibrations through dowsing rods guided by Tom as he explain the works of planetary energies that has created our world both natural and Human.
This is open to all ages and with out a shadow of doubt is the most intriguing of energy work and the best way to open the doors of understanding of our true selves.

Chakra and Aura workshop

This workshop will be on Sunday Morning between 10:30 until 12:00
What are Human Chakras and Aura? How to feel these energies centres and vibrations through your hands?
This open workshop which is open to all ages and all levels of being. This simple and effective way of touching these forces that Tom has been teaching for 15 years. This workshop will give you a glimpse of that will help you understand those emotion centres enabling you to open the doors to the well-being of the inner being.


Brexit May Not be A Human Creation ...
The world Energy Energy Chakra System and the Human Energies.

Explanation and investigation into the world map of Chakras and line energy system. How these forces effect our natural world and changes in our environment. Seeing the connections to human collective and individual beings.
Brexit may not be wholly a human creation. Could it be a reflection of the changes that is taking place within the energies of the earth. We all feel that undercurrent of these vibrations that is shifting and how do we ride the wave of changes
Talk Tent - Friday 4pm.
The structure of the Spirit world, Akashic Library, Reincarnation Karma System and Dimensional existence.

What are we here for and what got us here? A presentation on the Karma Reincarnation system. How this connects to the akashic library and Dimensional existence.

Who are our guides? What do they do? Whats the difference between a spirit and a soul? Is there an after life?

After Tom had a near death experience when he was 21 years old the whole spirit upper and lower dimensions has been a keen subject of investigation in his life. This ongoing conversation took him through all these questions that we confront our selves each one of us at one moment or another. Sometimes the answers can be only understood by looking at it through and combining Sacred Geometry, ancient cultures, universal vibration mechanics, just to mention a few. The Synergy between many understandings starts to connect the doors to help us understand the “Why am I here on this planet” moment.
Talk Tent Sunday 7.30 pm
Healing Being

Intrigued?  Tom is also running a 'Healing Tent'  in the afternoons between
14h and 17h in the Feel Good Field .
Book yourself a body and energy scan giving you a rebalancing of Chakras, Aura and body helping you to heal the body and find peace and well-being of the soul.

An hour session body and energy £45
Half hour session Body £30
Half Hour Session Energy £30
Half hour Trauma and Spirit path session £30

All appointments can be book through only prepaid session accepted.  Email Tom and treat your Chakras! Tel: 0033 621 524 484

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