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Are You Out of Sync with your Universal Vibration?

Are You Out of Sync with your Universal Vibration?

Well, how would you know and  why is it important? 

Tom Lawless is an expert in this area and we are delighted to be welcoming him from his base in the French Pyrenees to The Big Retreat Wales.

Here's Tom's Top 7 Signs you are out of Sync with the Universe - starting with the small signs and continuing to the Universe shouting at you to change something...

  • 1: Catching the corner of furniture and finding it difficult to swerve in and out of the crowd without bumping in to someone
  • 2: Forgetfulness or  repeating things. Forgetfulness or repeating things
  • 3. Losing Time
  • 4: Bouts of tiredness or tiredness on a permanent basis.
  • 5 Apathy
  • 6: Sleep disruption.
  • 7: Anxiety attacks

Over the past 25 years, Tom has been working in France investigating the Earth's vibrations and to understand that by working WITH these vibrations, both healing and greater potential can be unlocked for his clients.  

To understand the rhythms in our Universe -  take a look at this youtube clip; (it's awesome!) 

The universal energies have a wondrous effect of filling the space with this back and forward pendulum motion.

So let’s take 4 different rhythms and give them each a different theme. 

  1. Energies
  2. Spiritual
  3. Emotional
  4. Physical

When I am  with someone ( it could also be a place or and object), I will be looking for these four different vibrations. This will help me pinpoint the blockage  that is causing a problem at that point I can open a door that will help the person to adjust this destructive vibration into one of creation.

To try and put this into context with an everyday situation, it’s much like cooking the perfect egg for your children’s tea.

Cooking is the easiest example, now Fanny Craddock could give you a lesson in how to cook the perfect boiled egg but as we all know “timing” is the crucial element here. We need to get the toast buttered and ready just before the egg is ready.  Let’s break this down into our four themes;

  1. Energies- in this example the energy is love, the idea of feeding your child or friend so they experience the loving energy put into the cooking.
  2. Spiritual – How much salt, pepper or butter do we need to make this perfect?
  3. Emotional – the care taken not to break the toast into pieces during the buttering process.
  4. Physical – knowing how long it takes to boil the egg and toast the bread to perfection.

When we are not in Sync with ourselves and the Universe, even the simple task of boiling an egg for your children’s tea can be a stressful situation.

 So much like healing, helping our children doesn’t mean buying everything they could ever need but, more about helping them see the person they could be. 

 Redirecting the natural rhythms of the universe with in the body to help people help themselves get back into Sync.

Meet Tom at The Big Retreat Wales. He will be based at the Yoga Terrace and  will be running Dowsing workshops and Aura Workshops as well as installing 'Earth Energy Installations' on the Festival site for you to enjoy.   Do come and meet him - ask lots of questions and get your mojo back in sync with  the Universe....... Check him out on our Timetable and  Try Something New! 
Find out more about Tom HERE      and thanks to NASA for the awesome photo - you guys rock!  

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