A Family Day at The Big Retreat Wales 😍

A Family Day at The Big Retreat Wales 😍

7.30am And we are up!! Mum is cooking sausages on the BBQ and Dad has already left for an early morning HIIT Class

8.00am Went on a fab shore walk with a real life Ranger

9.30am Watched a cookery demo with Bug Farm Foods and got to taste a real cricket burger!!

11.00am Mum & me did a Lino printing session - Dad & my sister went on a Bug Hunt

12.00am We all met up at where they have food - I had pancakes - my sister had a pizza - all to herself - Mum had a smoothie and Dad had a Posh Burger - scrummy!

1.00pm Mum went to Yoga - we had fun making Pixies in the Woods!

2.00pm Ha ha -- we all did a Pound Rock Workout Class - we all laughed a lot!

3.30pm I made a mud pie for Dad - it smells lovely!

5.00pm Learn’t some great circus tricks with my new friends at The Majical Youth Theatre Company

6.00pm Mums off to the Gin Workshop whilst we head to the kids disco

7.00pm Lots of lovely Music - Mum & Dad were dancing!

8.00pm Round the campfire for some bedtime stories with The Big Retreat Kids Team

9.00pm - Campsite - very tired - can't wait for tomorrow - I'm going to a Cookery Lesson and yoga class and jump on the swingboat rides and trampolines and make a shelter in the woods.... Can’t Wait!!

Mum and Dad thought if was great too as all our activities today where included in our ticket prices 🙌








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