My Juicing Non-negotiable!

For many of us there are certain non-negotiables when it comes to our health and wellness.

For some it’s the weekly gym sessions, for others it’s their morning hot water and lemon, and for others it’s their daily run whatever the weather.

For me it’s my daily juice. Finding a local juice bar is the first thing I will do when visiting a new city or country and finding a local juice bar is probably how most people feel about finding a new pub or wine bar!

So where did this come from and why?

I’ve juiced on and off over the last ten plus years - starting with a Anthony Worrall Thompson Juicer lacking lustre in the back of my kitchen cupboards which I would bring out every now and then for a short burst and then put away again.

In January 2011 I decided to make a radical change to my diet as I was feeling fat and frumpy and wanted to look good in my skinny jeans – that 43 year old muffin top was just getting a bit out of control!

So I signed up for a revolutionary nutrition programme which radically changed the whole way I looked and felt about my food.

This new diet meant I left my starch rich diet behind and switched to lean protein, good fats and lots and lots and lots of green vegetables and my body responded in the most positive way possible.

The muffin top melted away – in fact my whole body shrunk by over 28 ½” in just 4 months and my energy and vitality went through the roof – the only downside was each meal, although delicious, was taking me ages to eat as I chomped my way through all the greens!

As well as the body shape changes I also noticed a few health changes which I wasn’t expecting - PMS disappeared, my cramps and discomfort also went and the blocked nose I woke up with every morning went too.

The more investigating and research I did the more I started to discover the power of the plants and how beneficial they were to overall health and wellness, and this led me back into the arms of my juicer.

I was introduced to Jason Vale the ‘Juice Master’ and his big spring detox back in January 2012 - I jumped on board just to see what it was all about and the rest as they say is history.

All of a sudden I could eat my daily quota of veggies without the 2 hour chewing, like a cow chewing its cud, but instead enjoying a variety of fresh vegetable juices every day, and all the health benefits that came with this. Apart from a few juice only programmes I combined my juices with my other meals and found I had an eating plan that suited me for life.

I was so hooked on the juicing I decided to see if there was a qualification to this area and HOORAH there was such a thing. I signed up immediately and qualified as an Independent Natural Juice Therapist in December 2012. I then took it upon myself to share this new knowledge and passion with as many people who “got my kinda crazy” and since 2012 many people have dusted off their juicers and reaped the benefits of upping their daily veggie intake this way. Not everyone loved it and that’s okay as there is no one size fits all and sometimes the time of year, personal situations or current health challenges can determine if you are going to enjoy juicing.

For many of my clients who took up juicing they found that their health and vitality improved, their skin glowed and they had more energy. Yes it can appear a bit of a faff and many people get worried about the high amount of fibre but like anything if it becomes a non-negotiable in your life you “JUST DO IT” because you know how good you feel when you do.

My ‘juicing non-negotiable’ regime is as follows;

- Every day I have 3 juices and if I can’t have these I will use powders and tablets in the short term to ensure I keep my daily intake up.

Every morning -

- A large ginger shot made of apple and ginger juiced together.

- A pint of green juice which I blend with half an avocado and various other plant based goodies depending on where I am in the month to ensure I rebalance my body and support its natural processes.

Every evening –

- A beetroot, carrot, apple, lime and ginger shot with a shot of turmeric and wheatgrass to support my body in doing its natural detoxification overnight. I have a lemon and garlic shot with this to ward of any nasties too.

I prep my juices in advance and freeze them as I am a busy person and need as many time saving “hacks” as I can to ensure I look after myself as best I can each and every day.

I wonder what your health and wellness ‘non negotiables’ are and what new ones you will develop over 2017?

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