BollyX Dance with Meredith Higgins

Yes!  For the First Time in Wales - BollyX Dance led by the awesome Meredith Higgins!

  1. Boosts coordination and rhythm 
  2. Exciting form of exercise
  3. Tones the body
  4. Lubricates the joints
  5. Relieves stress
  6. Aerobic Exercise
  7. Oxygen supply
  8. Full body workout .
  9. Fun 
  10. For everyone 
Unleash your inner diva at our BollyX  class at The Big Retreat Wales - included in your Ticket Price...
    Our instructor - the lovely Meredith Higgins - was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Yeehaw! She has been dancing since she was 3 years old with Buster Cooper Dance Academy, then joined Kitty Carter Dance Factory as a company competitive performer.
      She has won awards such as Teen Dancer of the Year from New York City Dance Alliance and West Coast Dance Explosion.
      After graduating Indiana University with a Bachelor's in Voice Performance and Music Education, she spent 3 years abroad teaching music in Trieste, Italy and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
      After 5 years in Chicago as a dancer and singer, she worked with BollyX as a dancer in their very first promo video shoot in New York City!
      She had such a blast that she became an instructor and has been part of the community ever since.

      She is proud to be the Global Community Manager still based in NYC, but continues to travel the world introducing the program, coaching new instructors, presenting at fitness conferences, and launching BollyX at gyms wanting Bollywood on their group fitness schedule!

      We can't wait to join her class - come and unleash your inner Diva! 

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