How to Festival with Blacks and The Big Retreat Wales

How to Festival
The festival scene is changing. Greasy burger vans are making room for organic cuisine; mud-drenched tents are upgraded to luxe glamping pods, hot-tubs, yoga sessions and art workshops expand the horizons of what a festival can offer.
With that in mind, the standard 'festival essentials' guide needs some adjustment. Whether it's packing-hacks, tips for the perfect pitch, or the things you mustn't forget to take**, we’ve teamed up with outdoor specialists Blacks to share the new code of best practice for the festival fields.
** wet wipes are still essential.
How to pack
The festival journey starts at home. We're guessing you'll be travelling with a rucksack and, though there are some very big packs available, space and organisation is a premium when your bag is doubling up as your wardrobe for the weekend. Here are a few packing tips to save space and time:
    • Use ALL of the pack. Modern rucksacks are festooned with external pockets. Fill these with small, compressible things like socks, underwear, snacks and toiletries.
  • Pack by day. Pre-select outfits at home and then wrap them individually in smaller bags (or tie them in ribbons). That way you can find the full ensemble in one go.
  • Airport toiletries are enough. Let's face it, you won't wash your hair more than once. Why take more than 100ml of shampoo.
  • Decant liquid into bags. Plastic bottles take up room (and create litter). Pour your liquid of choice into zip lock bags that can be more easily stashed into smaller pockets.
  • Get your tent on
    Festivals and tents: you can't have one without the other. Whilst some of our lucky glampers may enjoy the luxury of a pre-built structure, we know that many festival-goers will be pitching their temporary home. There are secrets to creating the perfect festival refuge and we’re here to share them you you:.
  • Inflatable pillows. It sounds trivial, but trust us, a simple blow-up pillow will give you a much better night's sleep than those crumpled clothes you've been wearing all day.
  • Sleeping mat or airbed? Airbeds can be bulky, especially if they need a pump. The new breed of self-inflating or partially self-inflating air mats, like the Berghaus Peak Pro, are a perfect compromise of bulk and comfort.
  • Don't stint on your tent. It's tempting to buy a super-cheap £10 tent from a supermarket but that's a false economy. Eurohike offer plenty of affordable alternatives that still have plenty of features – such as much needed ventilation – and a decent level of waterproofing if the worst happens.
  • Bog off! There may seem nothing worse than the 3am dash to the toilets, but there is! Camp too close to the toilets and you run the risk of being kept up all night by chatty queues., Locate your nearest toilet block and make sure you have an easy route to it, t. Then camp 100 yards away.
  • Plant a flag. It's been a long day; you've enjoyed the gin workshop and you have to find your tent in a sea of … well, tents! Do yourself a favour and decorate your pitch with something recognisable and high! Bonus points if it glows in the dark.
  • Essential gear
    Lastly, here are some things that you could do without, but you really shouldn't.
  • A hipflask – is there a classier way to sup sun-warmed red wine?
  • Dry shampoo – it will make your life immeasurably easier
  • Portable phone charger – Instagram won't post itself
  • A disposable boiler suit – yes, we mean it. If you experience a mud-apocalypse, one of these thin paper coveralls will keep your outfit protected until the sun shines again
  • Bin bags – keep your tent tidy, your litter collected, and your stuff dry in a pinch
  • Wet wipes, wet wipes, for the love of God wet wipes! (make sure they are eco-friendly) 
  • Now you’re fully equipped, you’re ready to book your tickets for The Big Retreat Wales!Don’t forget about the all-new Family Half Term Package too. It costs £499 and includes a weekend festival tickets for 2 adults, 3 kids, camping, car parking and camping extension - a saving of over £70 per family.  More packages available via the website.!
    You can shop for a range of camping equipment on the Blacks website.

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