Good Things Happen When You Do What You Love

You know those real-life stories about women who have spent a lifetime searching for their ‘calling in life’ and eventually found what they love doing at 40? 

That’s me. Sal. 

Things don’t always go to plan in life, yet what I know from experience, is that fresh air, adventure, getting creative, learning new skills, resting your mind, laughing, eating real food and playing more is by far, the best medicine you can take.

Join Sal, trained product designer, turned marketeer. Now founder of Life Seeker, a positive lifestyle hub for west Wales. 

In a nutshell, Life Seeker exists to inspire people to take time out to live a happier and healthier life. As a fairly new project, it’s pretty awesome to share that it’s receiving some overwhelmingly good feedback in its debut year. 60% of our happiness is controlled by genes and circumstance, a whopping 40% is guided by doing things we choose to

There is no magic potion for living contently and so the hub doesn’t preach about what you should and shouldn’t eat, what kind of job you should aspire to or what you should physically look like to be happy.  But it does encourage you to try new things, think differently and take your happiness seriously. 

Join Life Seeker  at the Big Retreat Wales situated  on the Yoga Terrace - drop in , chat, have fun 

We are excited to be able to share our vision at The Big Retreat Wales. Visit our mini hub to relax, get creative, find your silly side and enter our ‘Time Out’ Competition to stay in our tipi worth £200. 

We’ll be organising The Big Retreat Wales  Buntathon (Fri – Sun) so please drop in any time to make your very own flag as contribution and help display the finished piece around the festival stage on Sunday evening.

Join our laughter workshops in the Yoga dome (Fri, Sat & Sun) to find out how laughter can enrich your mind, body and soul. Play like children in #thesmilefiles photo booth to win a healthy goodie pack, courtesy of The Ark in Haverfordwest. And put pen to paper with mindful colouring and personal notes to loved ones whilst enjoying the surrounding festivities. 

We will also have an info corner with info bags on the Life Seeker providers. 

I’m interested in knowing if you do what you love? Drop in over the weekend to share your story.


Connect with the Life Seeker hub here Life Seeker 



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