Friday 25th May - Monday 28th May 2018


Eco Interior Design at a biophilic workshop at The Big Retreat Wales

Eco Interior Design at a biophilic workshop at The Big Retreat Wales

Learn how to incorporate nature into your home..

Biophilia. It’s a word you’re about to start hearing a lot more of. And it’s going to have an increasing influence on interior design and architecture.

The word ‘biophilia’ literally means a love of life or living things. (It stems from Greek and is the opposite of phobia. Phobia = fear of. Philia = love of.) We have an intuitive and deeply ingrained attraction to nature, and a biological need for contact with the natural world.

Sunday afternoon at The Big Retreat Wales in our Classroom on the Terrace (our Zen Zone!) meet Eco Interior Designer Nicky Middleton-Jones and find out about the new and innovative way of designing the spaces in which we live and work. 

With a passion for nature and aiming to have a low impact on the environment in her work, Nicky specialises in 'Biophillic' Interior Design. By incorporating natural materials, maximising natural light and elements of nature, her designs contribute to your home being a happier and healthier space for you to live in. 

Nicky's company - Merrill Creations - is an 'Eco' interior design, Cabinet makers and homeware creations business based in the heart of rural Pembrokeshire, with a purpose of generating harmony in your home. 

Biophilic design isn’t just another design style to improve the look of your interior. It is essential for your happiness and well-being.

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