“The world is changing: I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth, and I smell it in the air.” - Treebeard

“The world is changing: I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth, and I smell it in the air.” - Treebeard

Spending time in Nature is good for you. Art is good for you. Relaxing and understanding the earth's energies - good for you. We are so delighted that we have 3 fabulous and inspirational artists joining us at The Big Retreat Wales.  

Immerse yourself in our magical  Festival site - take time to meet these guys - time to talk and maybe look at the world a little differently.  

Manu Topic
Joining us from France - Stone artist Manu Topic balances rocks in the most mesmerizing way on the French Pyrenees’ L’Arros river. Gathering rocks from the stream, he balances them carefully to create remarkable gravity-defying sculpture. Find him on our Festival site - brush up your French too! 

Manu Topic 

Equilibrium from Pat Foch on Vimeo.

And the the lovely  Tom Lawless . Joining us from his base in France  (though  his English is fluent!)  Tom has many insights on the earth, it's energies and believes if we can tune ourselves into these energies, we will not only feel better but will gain greater understanding of our place in the Universe itself.  Tom will be running workshops on Dowsing - no matter how sceptical you are - join Tom for a walk around the Castle site to feel the energies you may not have been aware of. Track down ley-lines running through this ancient place. 

Tom says " Feeling is an essential part of being. So what if you could sense the energies of the universe, Earth or our fellow planet dwellers? Could you feel what is coming down the line? Or why do I do or feel like this?"
Learning about our internal energy system can helps us to concentrate on the essentials of life rather than getting lost trying to figure out how to read the map.

Tom has had 20 years of experience in Healing, Auras and Chakras. He would love to help you to understand these simple mechanics that in turn can help you be energy effective in your creation.
 Tom will be running the following sessions (turn up and take part - included in your ticket price) 
Friday 25th 3.00pm DOWSING - meet at Reception - 90m 
Saturday 26th 3.15pm - Aura & Chakra Q&A - The Talk Tent 
Sunday 27th May 11.00am DOWSING - meet at Reception
Sunday 27th May  3.45pm - Aura & Chakra Q&A - The Talk Tent 

Additionally - Tom will be running one-to-one sessions throughout the weekend at at a small charge -- Book Directly with Tom 


And last but not least - the amazing Jon Foreman - Sculpt the World     Lover of Environmental - Nature - Land Art - Modern Sculpture.  It's his amazing picture    at the top of this Blog 'Arm of The Ent'  - if you follow J R R Tolkein, you'll know what and Ent is.... if not - come and ask Jon! Jon has done some fabulous  work on the beaches of Pembrokeshire - now see first hand what inspiration can be found at the Old Castle Terrace. 

May 13, 2018

Best wishes to you all.
The Beauty of Balance

Jenny Joel

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