Yogacharini Deepika Giri (Sally Saini) - TBRW Yoga Director

Yogacharini Deepika Giri (Sally Saini) is one of the few worldwide Senior Gitananda Yoga Teachers, a classical hatha yoga Teacher Trainer (advanced 3000hrs Gitananda teacher, YAP accredited Senior and IYN elder) and co-founder of Yoga Satsanga Ashram (working with Yogachariya Jnandev).
Deepika is very passionate about Yoga as a holistic path and all embracing way of life.  Yoga is not a stretching routine, its living mindfully with ethical values which permeate every aspect and moment of our existence.  Deepika will be offering some hatha yoga and pranayama (breath and energy work) classes and workshops at the Big Retreat as well as organising all the other teacher slots, classes and spaces for the event to create a good mix of styles so that there will be something for everybody!
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