New to Yoga or a Yoga convert - we have something for you at The Big Retreat Wales

As part of The Big Retreat Wales, we’ve timetable over 14 hours of Yoga Classes through the weekend. If you're a Yoga convert - come and try something new - and if you're new to Yoga here's  what  you need to know before stepping into a The Big Retreat Wales  Yoga Dome:

Seven Reasons You Should Start Doing Yoga

What to Wear

  • No need for the latest, high-end yoga brands to fit in - just wear comfortable, light, and breathable clothing. This is especially important if you're coming to Hot Pod Yoga on Saturday Morning. Yoga is practiced in bare feet –  take your shoes off at the entrance.

What to Bring – Tools of the Trade

  • A mat is really the only essential item you’ll need.  Put it on your checklist of Things to Bring to The Big Retreat Wales - it will be useful for other classes as well as extra layer of bedding if you're camping!
  •  A mat towel and water bottle . Mat towels are slightly different than shower towels. They are lighter and more absorbent, though if travelling light - any towel will do

Pre-Yoga Grub

  • Staying hydrated is the most important thing. A light snack and glass of water will prevent you from feeling faint, and also help your body keep up with the physical demands of your practice. Stay away from heavy carbs though – your stomach will thank you. Try not to eat for an hour before any Hot Pod Session. 

Arrive Early

  • No, really. All our Classes are First Come First Serve. Also it's good to get to class early. Arriving early also affords you pick of place  when selecting your mat space. 15 minutes should do the trick.

What if I Can’t Do a Pose?

  • Then don’t. Yoga is a personal journey, and our Yoga Dome is a judgment-free zone. If you don’t feel comfortable in a pose, simply hang out in child’s pose or downward dog. When you’re ready to continue, jump back in with the rest of the class.

Savasana, Namaste and other Yogi Lingo

  • You’ll likely hear words that you won’t necessarily understand. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to take a Rosetta Stone course to translate them.
  • Savasana is how you begin and end your practice – laying on your back on your mat with your eyes closed.
  • Namaste translates loosely to, “the light within me bows to the light within you.” It’s said aloud collectively at the end of practice, while sitting cross-legged with your palms pressed together at your chest.


  • Talking in class is a major no - no - though the instructor will be on hand to help and guide if this is your first class.... it's tempting to giggle & squeak when attempting new moves but please respect your Class mates. There is also a strict no Mobile policy - it's ok to switch them to silent or Airplane mode but please no snaps  for Instagram. .

We think you’ll find yoga to be a highly personal journey, and even a bit of an addiction.

Welcome to your first day of class.  Namaste.

Here are our Yoga Classes at The Big Retreat Wales: They all take place in the Yoga Dome on the front of The Old Castle Terrace. Detailed Timetable to follow early May - sign up to our Newlsetter to get it delivered to your inbox!


Hatha originated in India in the 15th century. This type of yoga is slow-paced, gentle, and focused on breathing and meditation.

  • Purpose: To introduce beginners to yoga with basic poses and relaxation techniques
  • Benefits: Relieves stress, provides physical exercise, and improves breathing
  • Good for: Beginners and people wanting to learn the basics of yoga


Much like Hatha, Vinyasa covers basic poses and breath-synchronized movement. This variety of Hatha yoga emphasizes a series of 12 poses where movement is matched to the breath.

  • Purpose: To link the breath with movement and to build lean muscle mass throughout the body
  • Benefits: Helps improve strength and flexibility, tones the abdominal muscles, and reduces the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes
  • Good for: Beginners and advanced yogis alike seeking to strengthen their bodies


Regarded as the oldest form of Hatha, Yin and Yang Yoga (Yin for short)  holds complimentary & opposing  asanas (yoga poses) for extended periods of time combined with breathing techniques. 

  • Purpose: To build physical conditioning & assist in meditation
  • Benefits: Improves flexibility & can restore fuller ranges of motion
  • Good for: Beginners & intermediates 

Hot Pod Yoga South Wales

Set up in the Yoga Dome - an inflatable heated Pod (heated to 36 - 38 degrees) - an amazing tranquil environment. Sequences typically flowing, less prescriptive than Bikram Yoga.  Has it's roots in Vinyasa

  • Purpose: Introducing meditative practices, helps release stress and anxiety, promoting clarity of mind, better focus and increased energy and alertness.
  • Benefits: the heat makes the heart & lungs work  a little harder, burning more calories & the warmth increases flexility
  • Good for: Beginners & intermediates 

No Under 16's in this class. You may be more comfortable in shorts & vest (it gets sweaty!) 

There are 3 Hot Pod Classes taking place at The Big Retreat Wales - sign up to our Newsletter for our Timetable release in early May

Kundalini Yoga

A practical, nurturing yet powerful practice. It swiftly builds inner strength and courage along with outer softness and trust in yourself and your rightness in this often frantic world.

  • Purpose: maintains health through body strengthening & stretching
  • Benefits: improves immunity, releases stress & anxiety by combining with meditation
  • Good For: Everyone & Adaptable:  a switch off & detox from a digital world 

Men's Yoga 

A men-only class - by request!  Yoga is great for all - whether you are a man into sport - football, rugby, golf  or if sport is just not your thing -  yoga is so beneficial to overall health and wellbeing that we would encourage you all to try a session.  

  • Purpose: Men only class, non judgemental environement
  • Benefits: core strength development, breathing techniques, stress and anxiety relief
  • Good for: Beginners & intermediates 

If you are a bloke who has discovered yoga already - please come along and encourage others to come with you!   

Yoga for Kids

We have scheduled a class for 6 - 12 year olds & Story Time Yoga for the Family. Our children live in a hurry-up world of busy parents,  school pressures, incessant lessons, video games, after school clubs and competitive sports. We usually don't think of these influences as stressful for our kids, but often they are. The bustling pace of our children's lives can have a profound effect and usually not for the better.

  • Purpose: Teach children simple breathing & stretching poses
  • Benefits: encourages self-esteem and body awareness
  • Good For:  Beginners

Yoga for All 

A class for mixed abilities and standards - a toe in the water  for the novice or a stretch for the experts - all welcome (unless you're under 14 - sorry!)

 And if you're still wondering what Yoga can do for you - check out Bend it Like Granny

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