Mahesh Hayward

We encourage everyone to discover something new at the Big Retreat.  We ran 'Men's Yoga' from our first year - just to be inclusive - to set out a space where men who maybe had not tried yoga before to come and explore   It's easy to forget that it takes guts to walk into a class of yoga-clad women, who all seem to know what they're doing.  With a 'men only' space we are not excluding women - merely encouraging men to come - and for women to encourage that man (brother, father, partner, friend ) to come and enjoy the benefits of Yoga ...  Meet the lovely Mahesh Hayward...

Mahesh’s spiritual journey has been long and rich, starting at 19 years old sitting in a weekly meditation group. After his interest took him to yoga five years ago, he hasn’t looked back. Holding space for teachers, children, Dorset CID and men’s groups Mahesh has dedicated his life to the path of finding joy & love in all we do.

His group All Us Men has been meeting for two years and they enjoy movement, breathing techniques, yoga Nedra and discussing daily life.

Mahesh will be teaching in our Men's Tent 

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