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My journey began on the yoga mat like many other things I have started in my life - seemingly insignificant. An action taken in a bid to get fitter, more toned and not have to jump up and down lots of times to do it. I don't remember the first class specifically but I know that from then on I would often think to myself 'I want to do yoga everyday'. Fast forward about twelve years and I was lucky enough to join a yoga retreat lead by Meghan Currie in 2015, and she said to the room 'there's the surface reason that you're here, and beneath that is a much deeper reason that you may not even know just yet'. I believe those words are true for almost every person to ever step onto a yoga mat - even the ones that try it once and decide its not for them. 

That first class ultimately brought me here. Some years into sharing the teachings that have had such a profound effect on my life so far. Particularly through my twenties - a time in my life where I experienced a lot of confusion and emotional struggle - all of which was generated from within - yoga taught me this, and it taught me how to change my outlook, and the way that I saw the world. It began with self awareness but it continues to work its way deeper and deeper into my being everyday. 

Although I am now leading my own trainings and retreats I continue to study this practice and its offerings beyond asana. I believe this is a study that I will continue until I die. I am lucky enough to also share all that yoga teaches me through my love of writing. And there is a page on this site for you to check out some of the stuff I have shared on blogs and magazines and I am launching a passion project of mine in January 2019 to help empower pregnant women through yoga - so watch this space.

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