Fit for Life with Doug Rowe

From the Big Apple to The Big Retreat Wales! 

Normally based in London or New York, Doug is passionate about an holistic approach to fitness - nutrition, mindset  as well as exercise ..

Doug grew up playing a multitude of sports. His passion for health and fitness was instilled when he was selected for the USA National rugby team squad in 2002. Winning caps in both 7s and XVs his rugby career culminated with a Cambridge Blue in 2009. During this time he acquired a knowledge and understanding of how to train at one’s optimum.  

Doug earned his MBA from Cambridge University and on graduating launched a healthy snack food company. Alongside that he received his Level 3 Personal Training qualification and has subsequently run both private and group sessions. 

 Since then his appetite for helping people perform at their peak level has grown and he obtained his diploma in Health Coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in order to provide a more intensive service. 

Doug currently advises clients on holistic wellbeing in both London and New York.  


Doug’s ultimate goal is to help his clients harness a knowledge that will allow them to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life. 

This is achieved through modifications to their diet, exercise routine and overall lifestyle. Ultimately he wants to educate the clients to a level where his skills are no longer required as the specifics will have been instilled into their daily lives. 

These specifics focus on educating clients around how to fuel and move their body in a way that best suits them. Teaching them how to recognise and manage their stress. And providing tools to help them effectively organise and plan their lives.

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